I’ve known Love – dunno when haha..Also dunno the different of cinta monyet and the real love..Also do not hv any GF during primary & secondary school.

BUT..Long time ago..I went to school and I had my first encounter with a girl. She was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I swear. .And I remember for the first time, i could feel my heart beating so fast.Haha…Still remember at 1 Amal class. Luckily I knew her name thru class map on teacher’s table.. But she always jual mahal to me

Fast forward. I turned 24. I met her again at 10 Jan/10Zulhijjah…Engaged 9feb 2 years later..Naik pelamin6 months later..

LoVE at ThE !sT SiGhT