1. went there from 23 jul to 24 jul only..

2. all expenses was sponsored by a good and rich man – mr wan hasae – my fother in law best friend..he is former local council of sg kolok aka sg golok. own a 4 storey house at pekan sg kolok.

3. quite amazing coz thailand has a very good link of road. 4 lanes almost straight road from sg kolok to bangkok…with no toll….wowww…no speed trap also..but since the the southern region of thailand is under the military administration, every 10-20km at hot area there will be military road block..

4. the route – kb – rantau panjang – sg kolok – narathiwat – pattani – hatnyai..

5. stayed at grand plaza hotel. just beside pink lady hotel hehe..paham2 sendri lah ek..the best thing, the hotel provides 2 bottles of chang..(please refer to everton jersey – one of english premier leauge FC)..but not beer..chang drinking water only..

6. dinner at sami restaurant..the best kengsom i ever tried..5 star

7. advise – dont go shopping to shopping mall. but, go to the backstreet market. kalo pandai tawar menawar, sure u can get best price..

8. otw back, drop a while to carrefour hatnyai for lunch. go to home pro (just like house depot here)..but hv a lot of attractive selection for tiles compare to here..but the best thing, the price of decorative lamp is just wonderful…grabbed 4 panasonic inverter lamp = RM 83 per piece. in malaysia the lamp worth to 159 per piece.