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already complete house assessment.. developer also already completed repair the defect. but still under observation lah..coz, any tiny leakage of water pipe still unable to see until a few months on regular usage.. still hv 18months waranty hehe..

so..more than 6 contractor approaching me for house reno, finally i chose hamdan..why? coz hussle..easy to negotiate coz no midle man.

2nd..approve track record since neighbor’s house completed with good workmanship.

3rd..low charge compare to other contractor but still can nego. many free things given hahah..

5th..can nego together with grill price..hamdan can push his friend to give price according to our budget.

what type of reno we plan to do.

1. cornice & plaster ceiling. not really a plaster ceiling lah..just put cornice the border of the ceiling & put plaster ceiling box at each corner of the ceiling together with the downlight –>1.7k

2. extend floor at 1st floor to cover the ventilation hole.. before this, the is 7×6 feet hole for ventilation at 1st floor. very waste of space. —>1.5K

3. do the rewiring for 2nd & 3rd room, family hall at 1st floor, kitchen —>150

4. do rewiring for electrical & piping for washing machine at kitchen —>150

5. change kitchen window from nako to sliding window —->350

6. wrought iron grill with full grill at balcony and half full cover by plat iron at the back door —>2.6k

will update the picture of the reno soon…

my previous entry, i already revealed my 5 fav team to win the WC. among 5 of them, 2 already be semi finalist..holland finally going thru to final..the 3rd time in final in their history. .spain will face germany tonight..

i still stick with my selection. even thought on paper the German looks very hard to beat. their young players are very magnificent. before the WC, i never heard about messut ozil, sami khadira, muller, toni kroos, and cacao..but they able to proof to the world, they are the future of the German..most of them are below 26 years old..still hv bright future..for sure will be one of the hot team to win 2014 Brazil WC..

my prediction, coming 11july final will be between spain & holland..if one of the team win the WC, it will be good present for my birthday from myself..ahaks…since this will be rarely for me..

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