Defect Checklist

After few times delay for 1st house assessment, finally today we managed to complete it. 14 items we highlighted to the developer for correction/repair.  below are the pictures of the defect.

1) The Walls & Ceilings

I’m referring to all Wall and Ceiling surfaces.

I) Cracks, Wavy and Uneven Surface.
It’s pretty common and you should be able to see it quite easily.

II) Holes and Chips.
Holes and Chips on walls and ceilings are also another common defect and can occur due to accidental knocks and bumps or poor quality of materials used.

III) Fungus and Water Marks.
It can happen due to piping leakage or roofing defects. On the top floor the ceiling is covered in ceiling boards make sure the boards are not damaged or dirty.

IV) Others.
Lumps & Bubbles, Flaky Paint, Protruding Objects:- like nails, stray pipes, loose wiring & iron rods sticking out of walls and ceilings.

2) Tiles & Floor
The Tiles & Floor include kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, floor tiles and cornices.

Tiles – Missing/Cracked/Chipped/Slanting

Missing and damaged Tiles & Floor are easy to spot for defects. However it’s not easy to check for hollow tiles which are due too little plaster underneath.

The danger is the tiles can come off or crack if not remedied. Tap on tiles and if they sound hollow mark it out as a defect anyway and get the contractor to fix it.

Also make sure that the joints between the tiles are properly filled in with plaster. If you notice deep gaps make sure they fill it in.

3) Doors & Windows

Doors and Windows are fairly easy to check. Ensure that doors and windows easily open and unobstructed. Check for shoddy workmanship like missing screws, damage and rust.

Also ensure that everything is properly installed and there are no large gaps between the door and window frames. It’s also a good time to check for water damage since windows not properly installed will leak during heavy downpour.

Check also that rubber seals for the windows are intact.

4) Miscellaneous Fixtures

Check the developer’s inventory list for missing fixtures and accessories. You’ll usually get a list of items that come with your home such as the number of electrical points, taps, sink, shower heads and etc.

–>all in place. just still not put in the TNB main fius at outside the house.

5) Leaking Pipes

Leaking Pipes are also easy to detect, check the exposed piping for leaks or walls where the pipes run through for water stains.