1. early wake up..need to meet lawyer to sign some document for my new house.

2. watched shrek forever after..hope to watch 3D..but maybe wrongly purchased the ticket..just watch the normal one. if adik did not follow, plan to watch back to back movie  –>prince of persia..but she followed.

3. no mood to shopping (looking for new shoes –>for work) coz need to rush to ampang point. abah plan to play bowling..

4. after bowling, went to mamak stall..but crashed my little white poney with taxi..bengong punya taxi..bile mase parked belakang keta aku pon tatau..

5. my wife in bad mood. she lost her name tag with touch n go..for the 2nd time..the 1st time she very lucky coz her friend found it. but for now, no idea where is it. she also get mad coz her little poney kemek..aiseh..

6. went to kunang-kunang restaurant for dinner..ordered grill lamb chop..byk tulang..but really nice.. the meat not really liat. just nice..ada live band also..linie bernasib baik sbb order silon lamb chop.. tak de tulang.

7. tolong linie cari name tag dia..dlm keta, handbag dia, kat celah2 kerusi/sofa suma tak de..expected she will be in bad mood..

8. mane nak cekau duit nak repair little poney..sedangkan my black myvi also tak repair repair lagi..