i used to play volleyball since standard 6. 1st time i played volleyball when i joined primary school selection for zone jengka level. i remembered cikgu bahaman was the coach.. but this is not my 1st time i was introduced to this game. my father is former volleyball player for felda jengka, felda jb & his school VI (victoria institution). he always took me to watch his game during his young age. he was a good player. but he never teach me how to play this game.

i selected to play for skj15 for 1994 zone jengka MSSD maran at skj10. won 3rd place after defeated to skj12 at semi final. luckily i selected to perform zone jengka in MSSD maran at srk bandar maran. the central training was held at jengka 12. won 2nd place after bandar maran zone. but we only play normal basic volleyball. basic serve, normal 3 times digging and make sure we able to send back the ball to opponent. playing with bandar maran zone team, i noticed that they were much2 better than us. they know how to set the ball, blocking & spiking. amazing..still a lot to learn.

during secondary school, i also represented my school shah pekan at MSSD pekan for 3 consecutive years. 1997 to 1999. only in 1999 we won as 1st runner up. defeated to smk chini. 4 of us was selected to represent Pekan to MSS Pahang. even though i was not being selected among of them, but its ok lah..my performance esp during final match was very bad. my coach during that time was ms annzuleedia. she said she was former Edinburgh Uni player played as a spiker..but i always wondering..is it true? because measuring to her height, its quite unbelievable hehe..but based on her knowledge of volleyball you should believe it..

during my Uni time, i just enjoyed playing volleyball as suka2..i joined kuittho rakan muda challenge every year started on 2000 to 2004. i hv 2 best friends during this period. but i forgot both name now hehe..we always set up team together if got any tournament in kuittho. the rest of the team usually bidan terjun je..but on 2003, we managed to win the 2nd place in 3 on 3 volleyball competition. then won 1st placed in rakan muda volleyball challenge after we merged with the 3rd place team for 3 on 3 volleyball competition. 1st time ih kuittho’s history all malays team win the rakan muda volleyball. during that year also. i was selected to represent kuittho in MASUM (majlis sukan univeristi malaysia) tournament at uitm shah alam. the highest level in my life (national level). lost in early round but a very good experience for me. playing at the highest level. played with some of national player. at lease i hv something to tell my children in future hahaha…

now, if i told others i used to play volleyball in national level, may be they do not believe it. due to my big size of body..hard to believe lah..but volleyball is not  the only game i played. those day, i used to get top 20 in every merentas desa, represented shah pekan in badminton, represented skj 15 in badminton & bola baling. tea kwon do also hehe..i wish i can be fit as before hehe..