1. i dah demam almost 5 days..1st n 2nd day just amik panadol solubel je..kalo ikut kebiasaan selsema/demam akan kebah selepas amik panadol solubel..but my condition getting worse. tp still pegi keje lah..sbb tak sampai ati nak amik MC.

2. on friday i felt tapak kaki makin panas..tp yg peliknye, even dah rase demam makin kuat, tp peluh kuar tak hengat..tp sbb nak gak join mkn2 kat TGI Fridays..kuatkan semangat gak nih..mase mandi2 sblm gi TGI tu my nose badly bleeding..kalo di tadah ader mau suku cawan hehe..

3. dlm kol 11,i went to klinik sri indah..after i told dr i already sicked for almost 5days, 1st word she said, need to do blood test. she informed me symptom like  ILI (influenza like illness) not dengue..after the blood test result came out, its OK lah..both -ve for h1n1 & dengue fever. but my virus rate is high & my blood is thick. She gave me some medicine and 2 days MC. but i need to come again to do the blood test..need to drink sky juice to avoid my blood become thicker.

4. i told my mom..she told my father..my father told his boss. his boss insisted my dad to bring me to hosp..need to do full checking. so i went to selayang hosp..straight away i was ordered to go to fever center..after checking the dr said i kena dehydration. i admitted to ward.

5. i kena drip.3 bottles trus..before drip, my blood pressure very high almost 160..but after 2 bottles my blood pressure drop to normal..my blood test consistence with klinik sri indah did. got virus in my lung. need to take antibiotic. but if the fever still not overcome, need to go back to hosp for further checking. maybe on monday or tuesday.

5. so conclusion, i got badly dehydration. the dehydration caused me bad fever, bad sweat, high blood pressure and  body discomfort. aiseh..habes record thn ni..ingat tanak amik MC langsung thn nih..