my mom just call and asked to balik kampung earlier..but after all, i need to wait until my wife come back home 1st..she request me to pick her around 3.30pm..awal tuh..mentang2 bos tak de hehe..

1. on saturday wani’s reception on hafiz side..all abah siblings will come to my parent home today..maybe 1 or 2 vans from bachok also.. mak told abah already order patin masak tempoyak for dinner..siap pkai katering tu..

2. after wani’s reception, straight away go to jb to visit fatin..actually mls nak kesian kat abah..for sure dia tak larat drive..

3. on sunday, maybe after lunch go back to for a while..need to drive back to linie kene keje..i tak pe lah..cuti lagi hehe..

so pn linie, a very bz schedule for this week also for her..she need to go to penang for a few days.. i will be bujang again yeahhhh!!!! far planning ader mkn2 with officemate on next friday..but not sure either i able to attend or not..need to swap 1st with pengantin baru yaya….