1. last weekend i went to my cousin’s wedding at cameron. very cool place to hv wedding. cool and so much beautiful places to take photos.

2. on friday i, my wife and my brother went to klcc 1st. i need to go to uoa center at jln pinang to sign snp & banking agreement for my 2nd house (actually for my parent). my wife start her exploring in homedec exhibition. actually uoa center just behind the klcc (kl convention center). but i & my brother tawaf the klcc 1st to reach there. took about 1/2 hr walking around. otw back just took 5mins only hehe..

3. i met back my wife inside the exhibition. not so happening compare to perfect living exhibition held last month at pwtc. after had our lunch at mc d klcc, we went to metrojaya warehouse sale at stadium melawati shah alam.

4. my brother borong 2 helai kemeja zara & 1 kemeja renoma..i bought 1 dockers pants for myself. about 3.00pm after minum air vico free at outside the stadium, we started our journey to cameron.

5. reached cameron around 6.30pm. trus pi umah pak lang at berek polis tanah rata. met atok, mak2 and pak2 sedara and my cousins. after having tea at tanah rata we went to meet my father in law at puncak arabella apartment.

6. akad nikah after isya’ and hv dinner. but lauk pauk tak cukup, so we all having our dinner at mamak stall hehe..not expect so many relatives came during akad nikah..

7. having breakfast at tanah rata..best minum teh tarik dlm kesejukkan pagi hehe..then we all went back to pak lang’s house. after met relatives (tunjuk muka je sbnrnyer), we all start mengulor ke ladang strawberry & ladang teh until 12noon.

8. check out at 12.30pm. makan nasi minyak sambil dihiburkan oleh live band. my father in law going back to KB.

9. after 4.00pm pergi melawat ladang strawberry lagi sambil membeli belah. at 6.00pm start turun dr cameron dalam hujan lebat. actual plan want to stay at cameron for another night, but no available room left..fyi, that day from tanah rata to brinchang takes 2 hrs to go..crazy jam..

10. i will upload photo later ek..