i’ll my new home key for approx at the end of may. I just settled mot and paid the lawyer about 2.5k (lawyer fees, housing tax after 50% discount, and other expenses claimed by the lawyer office). now i’m waiting for my end financial (bank islam) to settle last payment. hope they can settle it by next week. then i need to pay aroung rm650 for the electricity/water downpaymant and another charges before make appointment with the developer project team for the house inspection before handover process (serah kunci) can be done..

actually i’m really glad coz until this point, i never face any difficulty withy the developer, lawyer office (for both developer & bank), & the bank itself. as informed by one of the developer officer, i actually one of the luckiest buyer coz did not hv any problem with the payment did by the bank. all payment followed the schedule. no much delay. the developer only charge us rm9.50 for interest (late payment interest). She said some of the buyer need to pay almost 1k for the interest only.

i also waiting for the actual floor plan from the developer. really need the floor plan to renovate my kitchen. i really admire 1 design for kc, but i’ll reveal it later lah ek.. i hv very limited budget for this 1st renovation. 1 already list down what need to do 1st.

  1. pasang grill
  2. installation of basic lamp & fan
  3. buat kc
  4. buat divider to cover kitchen from pandangan luar
  5. buat syiling kapur di hall & kitchen together with the lamp
  6. buat tv wall
  7. pasang laminated floor
  8. extend my backyard (maybe just pasang bumbung sket) need to put my washing machine outside coz my dapur really smal

item no 1 to 3 i’ll make immediately lah..the rest tu still dlm angan2 lah hehe..coming soon lah..i mane ade enough money to do all..kalo bole nak avoid any loan lah..suma nak guna cash money..tp dengan gajiku akan mangecil nih..bile la nak siap semua hehe..

1 thing 1 feel very happy, some of my friends also bought house nearby mine..tomok, dina..so ader la kawan2..mane la tau..leh car pool lak pas ni hehe..