i bought my cookie last year using my bonus. i bought it only after 1 month cookie entered malaysian market. ingatkan i la yg pakai dulu kat opis ni..tp 2 bos i dah bli awal2 lagi..cookie just has a simple/less funtion in her class..but yet, just suite with my usage.

i have no major complain with my cookie. the lifetime is OK..no need to always bring along charger even though she has 3.5 inch screen. hv motion sensor game..but very limited free edition hehe..but 1 game i always play is football manager..best hehe..got camera also..3MP..just not support 3G & wifi lah..but its ok..i not 3G fans..not always surf tenet using phone also..

but yesterday..my cookie jatuh dlm air..terendam tros..mula2 tu mau gak dia idup balik..tp bile abes bateri..dia da tamau nak idup..charge pon dia kejap on kejap off je..waaa..my cookie da rosak..

so to all my friends, i will no longer using my cookie..i’m using old nokia phone. but i do not hv the charger with me..hehe..i only able to charge my phone while i’m working only..if any urgent matter please call to pn llinie’s phone ek..